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Tip 002 How to Install Quran Plugin In MS Word

Assalamu Alaikum, Hi readers, Right now i most certainly will discuss problems our many friends encounters that they want to bring quran in  personal computer or MS Word, They can’t compose rather many people make use of other Quranic scripts.

Today we will show you how to bring whole Quran and install it in MS Word as part of your personal computer.

Keep in mind that this technique will be similar for all windows versions i.e. XP, Windows 7 or maybe 8.

So let’s begin

Step 1: Very first you need to download “Quran Plugin” from this web site

Step 2: After that open “Quran Plugin” as shown below.

Step 3: Click on next to install the plugin.

Step 4: Then click on finish.

Step 5: Now plugin is installed , Go and open MS Word and click on addon tab.

Step 6: Then Click on Arabic to get Arabic text only.

Step 7: A window will appea, so click on surah and aya number you want e.g from surah Nisa ayah 1 to 10 as shown below and click ok button.

Note :  Always remember to click on Unicode so you can chage quranic font for your ayats(verses).

If you love to view video tutorial, so just watch below video.

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